Market Diversification

ABSTRACT Portfolio diversification is one of the most important and sought-after concepts in investing. A properly diversified portfolio…

7 mins

Diversify and Conquer​: Enhancing Portfolio Returns through Non-Correlated Strategies​

For some investors, it is tempting to construct a portfolio consisting only of high Sharpe, high-performing strategies.  However, focusing…

4 mins

Trend-Following Primer

OVERVIEW OF TREND-FOLLOWING With more than $300 billion in assets under management1, trend-following is one of the largest…

10 mins

Building Portfolio Resilience at the Macro Level

Many investors understand the importance of diversification in building a portfolio that is resilient to various market conditions and able to more consistently meet investment objectives over time. Global macro emerged as a notable winner in 2022 amidst a dispersion in results across various alternative investment styles. Has this opportunity passed? When is the right time to allocate to macro?

14 mins

The Benefits of Non-Correlated Alpha​

In 2022, 60/40 portfolios suffered as both stocks and bonds sold off and the power of bonds as…

9 mins

The Need for Dynamic Diversification

The market environment during 2022 highlighted many uncertainties and the importance of "expecting the unexpected." Here, we show how…

5 mins

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts​

With thoughtful portfolio construction, investors can potentially achieve significantly better returns at the portfolio level than can be expected…

4 mins

The Trendiness of Markets

ABSTRACT Trend-following strategies seek to profit from sustained directional price moves (trends) in markets. In this analysis, we…

5 mins