Welcome to Graham Capital


Graham Capital endeavors to deliver robust, diversifying alpha solutions and meet its fiduciary responsibility to clients through three guiding principles: Collaboration, Innovation and Integrity.

The foundation of Graham's sustainability and success is the experience and effectiveness of its people. The firm cultivates talent, encourages the diversity of ideas, and respects the contributions of all. In turn, each employee shares in the responsibility of strengthening those around them.


GCM’s work environment is characterized by collaboration. We aim to create a motivating and collaborative environment where people can share ideas and work together towards a common goal of creating unique and profitable investment strategies.


Work at GCM brings new challenges and ongoing stimulation. Our industry and firm evolve over time, and each employee has the ability to contribute to this evolution. Over the firm’s history, we have developed new trading strategies, enhanced our portfolio construction and risk management techniques, and launched new investment products to a broad range of clients.


Integrity is fundamental to our organization and is a core part of our pledge to clients. We hire professionals who are motivated to work hard and learn from peers. Our team is comprised of individuals who are fair and respectful, and employees are empowered to contribute views and opinions. Integrity guides employees when confronted by the unexpected for which no rules exist.


Our History

GCM was founded in July 1994 with $30 million of proprietary capital, and over the course of many milestones has developed into an experienced investment manager within the alternative investment industry with approximately $15 billion in AUM. Follow the interactive timeline below for more information about the firm’s history:

  1. 1994:
    Founded by Kenneth G. Tropin and commenced trading with $30 million of proprietary capital in GCM’s flagship quantitative program.

  2. 1998:
    GCM began recruiting discretionary portfolio managers in 1998 to diversify the firm’s trading strategies.

  3. 1999:
    Launched Proprietary Matrix, a portfolio which provides broad exposure to GCM’s quantitative and discretionary trading strategies.

  4. 2001:
    Surpassed $1 billion in total assets under management.

  5. 2004:
    • Relocated the firm’s headquarters, previously in Stamford, Connecticut, to its current facility in Rowayton, Connecticut.
    • Launched first multi-portfolio manager discretionary fund, now known as the Discretionary Portfolio.
    • Surpassed $5 Billion in total assets under management.

  6. 2006:
    Commenced trading the Tactical Trend strategy, which began trading within GCM's multi-model quantitative strategies prior to launching as a standalone fund in 2013.

  7. 2007:
    GCM established a Risk Committee comprised of senior managers. The Risk Committee meets daily to review position-level information and related risks within the context of prevailing market conditions.

  8. 2010:
    Began trading UCITS compliant funds.

  9. 2011:
    • Formed Graham Capital LLP, GCM’s U.K.-based affiliate, which is currently authorized by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority.

  10. 2012:
    Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”)

  11. 2013:
    Began sub-advising ’40 Act Mutual Funds.

  12. 2015:
    Surpassed $10 billion in total assets under management.

  13. 2016:
    Opened a branch office in West Palm Beach, FL.



Our campus

GCM is headquartered in Rowayton, CT, at a site historically named “Rock Ledge,” which has a unique history in and of itself. Originally a Tudor-style mansion and the residence of James A. Farrell, the president of U.S. Steel, the site was later the office of famed General Douglas MacArthur as well as the birthplace of one of the first business computers.